To make sure you get the most out of your clubs, our experienced team member will start by sitting down with you to discuss your game and what you want to achieve with your custom fitting.

We will then have you precisely measured in order to establish the best club length prior to selecting a model by trying out a range of clubs.  After a model has been selected, we can analyse your swing using state of the art technology which will determine the right iron or driver head for you.  This will also help us select the best shaft based on the club head speed and tempo returned from the swing analysis.

We will then get you back in the swing studio for a gapping analysis using Trackman, to ensure your bag is fully complete.

12 months later, we will perform a FREE loft and lie and grip check to ensure your game is still optimal.

Trackman Analysis

Step 1

Test out our best clubs and find the right model using advanced swing analysis technology

Step 2

We will perform a gap analysis to establish how far you hit with each club and the yardage between them

Step 3

Loft and lie and grip check after 12 months to ensure your game is still optimal

If you're serious about golf, getting the right clubs fitted really will help improve your game!  Get in touch today and schedule your custom fitting.

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